Want the chance to win a FREE £20 Amazon Gift Card? All you have to do is recommend us to a friend! It’s that SIMPLE!!

Yes, that’s the truth! If you successfully recommend someone to us, who then has work carried out by us, you as the referrer will receive a FREE £20 Amazon Gift Card to spend on absolutely anything you want! Maybe even a PPL Landscape Design 😉

Did you see our last post New Landscaping Deals Are HERE!, where we mentioned the new customer referral scheme as an additional benefit. There is also a 50% discount on all Initial Consultations to direct referrals (personally recommended by a past client).

Have you considered having a garden designed by our team? We can design in 2D and 3D, provide 3D animation video walkthroughs, the world is your oyster! Wouldn’t you want to know what your gardens true potential has? You might be hugely surprised. Landscape design is our true passion. That, and then bringing the designs to life!

Call Paul on 07704757393 today to book a consultation or to discuss your project on the phone. You can also email us paul.prestonpaving@gmail.com

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Amazon gift cards available 

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