Fencing Preston 

Beyond its practical role, fencing in Preston adds character to homes, gardens, and businesses. Ornamental elements intertwine with the structural integrity of the fence, transforming it into a statement piece. Whether it’s a charming picket fence that exudes a sense of nostalgia, a sleek contemporary design that resonates with modern aesthetics, or a robust security fence that instills peace of mind, each installation embodies meticulous craftsmanship.

Fencing Preston
Closeboarded Softwood Fencing (costs starting at £100 per 6ft section)

Closeboarded fencing is the most cost effective solution for most gardens. Using featherboard soft wooden slats, 8ft x 4inch posts, with extras like fence capping and gravel boards and concrete posts, closeboarded fencing can provide a long term solution for your garden project.

Screening Preston
Partial Screening and Specialist (costs starting at £140 per 6 ft section)

Partial Screening and Specialist (costs starting at £145 per 6ft section)

From basic builders yard timber, transformed into specialist screens, moongates (like in the image above), we use the best wood treatment methods such as charring the wood and treating with wood preservatives.

Clad Fencing Preston
Vertical Slat Clad Fencing (costs starting at £320 per 6ft section)

The ultimate long term solution. On re-inforced concrete posts, with a black backing sheet and top cap. All the wood is treated when manufactured, then charred and again double treated before being installed on site.

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