What style of garden design is right for your home?

Well firstly, there are many several different looking and feeling homes in the UK. From cottages to two-up, two-downs, town-houses, bungalows, the list goes on. But choosing the right garden design is crucial for the aesthetics of the property.

Most properties fall into two main categories; modern or traditional. Modern properties, I would class as a 1960’s onwards, could be brick built or timber with steel or even concrete clad but there are many variations and even some house builders build houses even today to look like they were built in the 1600’s with straw roofs!

Your traditional homes are generally your older (or older looking), possibly stone built or a white render or pebbledash.

What does a modern garden design usually look like?

As our lives are becoming busier and busier, people generally don’t or can’t find the time to manage a wild or heavily planted garden and tend to venture down the easier to maintain route. This would mean having smooth paving (porcelain or sawn natural stone paving) with good surface drainage, perhaps some artificial, gravelled borders and light and contained planting. Then a touch of their personality will decorate the garden as to their tastes. Perhaps a bird bath and bird box for bird lovers. Some people like to use ornamental pots, urns, water features, sun dials etc. It is not uncommon nowadays to see more outdoor rooms in the garden or just weather covers like pergolas. Here’s an image of a more modern garden…