Wow! We were lucky to have a blank canvas but never imagined it could become what it has. At the first meeting with Paul it was obvious he cares about his client’s wishes and takes time to understand how you will be using the garden. The CAD was great and looked amazing but the finished garden, wonderful. Seeing it go from an area of mud to our own personal oasis of calm was mind blowing. Watching daily progress, I didn’t think I’d be so amazed with the finished look.
The grey stone came to life when the grass was put down and after spending a couple of hours with Paul, Simon and Kane at the nursery choosing plants it felt like they would just be adding a bit of colour and ‘eye appeal’ Having their knowledge about how different plants react to weather etc was invaluable, even down to which ones are more susceptible to mites and other non desirable things.
It was refreshing that they weren’t so precious about the design and they actually encouraged input. Again, caring about getting it right for the client.
How wrong was I thinking it would just be the pretty finishing touches? Walking in after they’d got most of the plants in place and seeing such an amazing transformation from something that was already fantastic was just breathtaking. Yes, I cried with the sheer emotion of seeing what had been achieved.
We have no hesitation at all in recommending Preston Paving and Landscaping. Even if you have to wait that bit longer, it’ll definitely be worth it.
Paul, Simon, Kane – thank you.