Preston walls

Wall building in Preston seamlessly combines the knowledge of traditional masonry with modern engineering techniques. Skilled craftsmen and builders work diligently to create walls that reflect the city’s character while meeting the demands of today’s aesthetics and functionality. Whether it’s the construction of retaining walls that shape the landscape, decorative garden walls that add texture, or sturdy boundary walls that provide privacy, every project is an intricate dance of creativity and precision.

Concrete BrickWalling (costs starting at around £240 per m2) – Most common choice


Concrete brick are one of the most common used walling materials used. It can come in many different forms, sizes, colours and patterns. The concrete brick in the image is from a Henry Altys Ltd, as well as the pillar caps (which are also concrete). The brick on edge on the top of the wall is a clay 65mm engineering brick, chosen because of its tough qualities, it will take freeze/thaw and hot summer conditions much better than concrete or a soft clay brick.

Cladded Walling (costs starting at £320 per m2)

Here we have a concrete block built wall, which has been cladded using Paving Stones Direct Quartz wall clad. The cladding pieces are bonded to the concrete wall using external wall tile adhesive. There are hundreds of different variations of wall clad. A new common trend for the garden is porcelain clad walling.

This particular wall was part of one of our gold award winning gardens we build at Southport Flower Show 2019. Bruno Taglioni is the handsome chap sat in the chair toasting the new garden.

Clay Brick Walling (costs starting at £280 per m2)

Clay brick are still a very common choice of brick for walling. Depending on the ground conditions, different bricks will perform differently. This is why we pay close attention to the specification of different clay bricks. Clay bricks can come in many different colours and textures. This particular clay brick wall was built using bricks to match the house. The wall is capped using 65mm blue engineering brick for frost protection. The pillar caps are a special order item from a local concrete works. Home page